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Nethia Wallace currently serves as the OICWA Vice President. Her Indian Name is Ki-se-ko-tha-quah – “Sun beams shining through the clouds hitting the earth.” She is a member of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma and was raised with a traditional Kickapoo upbringing. Nethia works for the Sac and Fox Nation Indian Child Welfare program serving as the Foster Care Manager. She started her career in Indian Child Welfare (ICW) in November 2006. Nethia Wallace has worked with Sac and Fox Nation and Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma ICW programs serving in various positions to include caseworker, family preservation worker, child protection worker, foster care manager and director. 

Nethia's educational background is from Mid America Christian University in Business Administration. She is a member of OICWA and Shawnee Area Native American Child Protection Team (SANACPT). Along with other SANACPT members, Nethia worked with Mountain Plains Child Welfare Implementation Center to develop a Foster Care Curriculum “Circle of Keepers.” She also serves as the chair of the OICWA Nominating Committee, Substitute Care Committee and Co-chairs Public Relations Committee. Nethia states, “It has always been my passion to work with youth. I am a strong advocate for ICWA to better help our Native Children and families and enjoy the opportunity to help our families.”

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