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Greetings ICWA Advocates:

The Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Association (OICWA) is excited to announce the dates for the 13th Annual Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Virtual Conference, November 4th, 5th, & 6th of 2020! The theme of this year’s conference is

“2020 Vision of ICWA Best Practices Through Sharing Cultural Connections”. The focus of the conference is to increase

knowledge of the Indian Child Welfare Act, the Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Act and facilitate collaboration efforts with Oklahoma Department of Human Services and the Oklahoma Court system. We will be offering another two and one half-day intensive ICWA training.

The Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Association is seeking support through sponsorships to assist OICWA in offsetting the cost of expenses related to the production of the conference to include audio/visual equipment rental, conference materials and software, and nationally recognized keynote speakers.

Sponsorship opportunities available for this year’s conference are detailed on the attached page. OICWA will accept monetary donations of any size. OICWA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Thank you for considering an opportunity to become a sponsor for the 2020 Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Annual Conference. Your generous contribution will assist OICWA in fulfilling its mission to promote the wellbeing of American Indian children, their families, and their tribes. If you have any questions regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact at haney.t@sno-nsn.gov or call 405-220-5862.


Tracy Haney, OICWA President


The OICWA Conference Committee is preparing for the OICWA Membership Drive and Silent Auction fundraiser held during the annual conference. This fundraising event is very important to the Association. It is the one and only fundraiser each year. Our organization relies on the generosity of donors through sponsorships and gift in-kind donations to raise funds through the silent auction and membership drive, which will feature games and activities for conference attendees.

We are asking if you or your organization would make a donation for items to be used in a raffle or silent auction. Your donation can be in any form of the following items:

  • Physical merchandise or gift certificates for products and/or services

     (Example: Stay Away vacation, Pendleton blanket, Native American jewelry,

     TV, concert tickets, sports event tickets, Yeti cooler, beadwork, art, trip)

  • Monetary donations

  • Tribal or Corporate Sponsorships

As in the past, the success of the silent auction and membership drive exclusively depends on contributions from generous donors. Each sponsorship will be printed in the Conference Program, promoted on the OICWA website and Facebook page. A donation form is available to fill out and return along with your donation. Upon receipt of your gift, we will send a thank you letter to serve as a receipt for tax purposes. OICWA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Thank you for considering an opportunity to become a donor for the “2020 Annual Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Conference”. Your generous gift will assist OICWA in fulfilling its mission to promote the well-being of American Indian children, their families, and their tribes. If you have any questions regarding sponsorship/donation opportunities, please contact:


Te’Ata Purcell

PHONE: (405) 464-5655

E-MAIL: oicwa.gc@gmail.com

Your gift is truly appreciated!



OICWA  P.O. Box 1274 • Shawnee, OK 74802